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We don’t just tell you that we care about your success. We put our money where our mouth is. Through our guarantee, we offer you the assurance you need, so you can invest confidently in the future of your business.

No SEO company should guarantee specific Google rankings for any keyword because keyword positions can fluctuate a lot. But what SEO companies can (and should) be able to do, is guarantee a positive impact over time. After all, isn't that what you pay us to do for you?

Website visitors are just the biproduct of doing excellent SEO. So, we think all great SEO agencies should be able to commit to delivering positive results, and be prepared to shoulder the burden of under delivering. And, that's exactly what Spark do through our Impact Guarantee.

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How it works

We guarantee your website will receive positive SEO impact in less than 12 months of working with us. If we don’t achieve a positive Impact in less than 12 months, we’ll suspend payments from you and we'll work for you for free to get the positive results you deserve. See terms and conditions below.

Guarantee FAQ

We measure impact as an increase in organic traffic or clicks to your website. We use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to measure each of these.
Impact refers to any positive overall Year on Year comparative gains. But for the purpose of this guarantee we set the minimum traffic gains at +5% versus the previous year. These gains will be measured as a YoY comparison of any consecutive period of time that is 3 months or greater from within the guarantee period.
Spark will give you SEO services for free if we do not achieve a positive impact. We'll work for free for up to 6 months, or until we achieve the desired SEO performance improvement - whichever happens sooner.
We don’t guarantee sales impact because most of our clients do not have the right sales tracking in place on their websites to measure sales for the year prior to commencing with Spark SEO i.e. call tracking and email tracking. Therefor to make this offer more inclusive we only guarantee traffic.
Regardless of the age of your website, if you did not have Google Analytics installed and fully operational for 12 months prior to making your first payment to Spark SEO, and Google Search Console set-up for at least 6 months, then this guarantee will not apply to you as we won't have enough reliable historic Year on Year (YoY) data to prove the YoY impact to you. But you can rest assured that we will still serve you with the same high level of expertise that we give all our clients.
All of Spark's Local Plus packages are covered by this guarantee.

Local Blast-off packages are not covered by this guarantee. This is because the Impact Guarantee has a 12 month Guarantee period. But Local Blast-off packages conclude within 3 months or less.

For more information about what's covered see our terms and conditions below.

You can submit a claim against our Impact Guarantee only after your 12th consecutive month of paid SEO service for an eligible retainer package have lapsed. You then have 30 days to submit you claim. Claims outside of this 30 day window will not be accepted. To submit a claim, just create a ticket in the client portal explaining that you want to claim.

Terms & Conditions

Guarantee Period: This the 12-month period that the Impact guarantee covers. It commences on the same day that the client makes their first payment to Spark for an eligible SEO package.

Tenure: This is a period of time during which Spark provided SEO services to the client for any package during which all due payments from the client were made in full and on time and the service was otherwise uninterrupted.

Client: The person or company who paid Spark to carry out SEO services on their website and Google properties. The name, address and website of the client is that which is was submitted with initial order for a package.

Claimant: The person who is making the claim. This person must be the client or legally represent the client.

Spark or Spark SEO: Spark SEO, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN

Please do not send claims to this address as they will not be processed

1. This offer is open to the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia registered businesses. Claimants must be aged 18 and over.

2. This offer is not available to employees, contractors or associates of Spark SEO, their immediate families or anyone else connected with this offer.

3. By participating in this offer, applicants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions. Spark reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse claims that do not comply with these terms and conditions.

4. Only one claim per client. No bulk or third-party claims will be accepted. The claimant must be a client of Spark at the time the claim is made and awarded. Claims cannot be made or awarded after the SEO service pertaining to the claim has expired or after the service has been paused, suspended, interrupted or cancelled.

5. This is an online offer. Internet access required.

6. Client’s must have had a Google Analytics account installed and configured for 24 months prior to making claim. Clients must have had a Google Search Console account connected to the site and working correctly for 18 months prior to making a claim. The Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to which Spark SEO was given this access must pertain to the same domain name that was submitted by the client when placing the initial order for the applicable Local Plus package to which the claim applies. The address and other contact details of the claimant's business at the time of the claim must also match those which were submitted by the client upon first ordering the package to which the claim applies.

7. Only Google Analytics properties and views and Google Search console accounts to which Spark SEO was given full uninterrupted access for at least 12 months prior to the client’s claim will be eligible as evidence of Impact. If Spark SEO did not have full access to these Google accounts for the aforementioned period, we will not be able to process any claim for this client.

8. The client's Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and data within, must not have been tampered with or reconfigured either lawfully or unlawfully, within the guarantee period to which the claim applies, unless expressed written consent was given by Spark. This includes but is not limited to the changing of any settings and configuration changes.

9. The claimant’s website content, configuration and URLs must not have been tampered with, changed or reconfigured in any way either lawfully of unlawfully during the 12 month guarantee period, except with the expressed written consent of Spark. This includes but is not limited to changes to DNS settings, Name Servers, hosting provider, deleting or changing web pages or URLs, redesigns, or content changes on the website.

10. Claimant must not have moved or changed business address within the guarantee period period.

11. The client must not have changed any business contact details during the guarantee period including phone number and business name.

12. The claimant must have executed and confirmed in writing the completion of all tasks within 60 days that were requested by Spark SEO, and be able to provide evidence of execution, including but not limited to:
a. website development changes except where Spark agreed to make the changes as part of their service.
b. The client must have issued Spark review links/cards their customers. The URL on review links/cards will have an embedded tracking code. A minimum of 10 unique users must have visited the URL as sufficient proof that you’ve issued all the cards.
c. Content changes if requested by Spark SEO for completion by the client are the responsibility of the client. Failure to execute such content changes or participate in Spark's execution of such changes will void all claims by the respective client.

13. Claims are invalid if the data in Google Analytics or Google Search Console is missing, incomplete corrupt or erroneous for any reason.

14. Claims are invalid if the client’s website experienced more that 0.1% downtime, breakages or if any pages one or less clicks from the home page returned error response codes for 30 days or more over the course of the guarantee period.

15. This offer is not available to any client whose website was affected by search engine penalties or sudden or abnormal organic traffic increases or decreases that occurred within the 12 months before the commencement of the 12-month guarantee period or during the guarantee period if the shift in traffic was caused by work completed by a legacy SEO agency.

16. This offer is not available to any client whose website was migrated to either a new platform or new domain in the 12 months prior to the commencement of the 12-month guarantee period, or during the guarantee period.

17. Only Local Plus packages are covered by the Impact Guarantee. One-time payment packages are not covered. Add-ons and bolt-ons are not covered.

18. Each Spark client can only claim the Impact guarantee once. There can be only one claim per client account. There can only be one claim per SEO package and only one claim per business location.

19. Any late or failed payment of fees by the client to Spark SEO during the guarantee period will void the client’s eligibility to claim.

20. All claims must be made within 30 days immediately after the 12-month guarantee period had ended. After this 30-day window all claims will be considered null and void.

21. It is the client’s responsibility to request a claim audit.

22. This guarantee can not be claimed by clients who have been receiving any recurring payment SEO package from Spark SEO more than 13 months

23. If a claimant is successful, they will receive a maximum of 6 months free SEO service from Spark SEO. During this free service period the claimant will receive free SEO service until the 6 month free service period has lapsed or until Spark SEO can demonstrate that ‘Impact’ has been achieved. This 6-month free service period cannot be extended. This 6-month period can be reduced if Spark achieves ‘Impact’ for the claimant before the maximum free service period has lapsed.

24. ‘Impact’ as referred to within the Impact guarantee, is any increase in organic traffic or clicks of 5% or greater over any consecutive 3-month period within the 12-month guarantee period. Increase in organic traffic or clicks will be assessed relative to the traffic or clicks from the same period in the previous calendar year.

25. If Spark can demonstrate a 5% Year on Year increase in clicks (Google Search Console) or organic traffic (Google Analytics) in any 3-month period within the guarantee period the claim will be deemed unsuccessful and the client will not be eligible to receive any free SEO service.

26. Clicks and organic traffic are the only metrics that can be used to demonstrate impact as part of this guarantee. No other metrics are valid. Google Analytics and Google Search console are the only platforms that can be used to monitor and compare these metrics. No other platforms are valid. Only year on year comparisons are valid. No other comparison is valid.

27. Once a claim request is made, Spark will choose at their sole discretion which platform (Google Analytics or Google Search Console) they wish to use to investigate the validity of the claim.

28. Clients have no eligibility to claim against the the Impact Guarantee if their website traffic or business was affected in any way by any type of local, national of international disasters, wars, pandemics or any social or economic factors such as recessions. lients have no eligibility to claim the Impact Guarantee if their business was impacted by fire, theft or any personal circumstance of those involved in its operation which results in any cessation, suspense or limitation of normal service or operation procedure. Clients have no eligibility to claim if their brand, associated shareholders or employees were named in any scandals or activity in relation to which negative coverage was published by any print of online publication.

29. The level of free SEO service that is offered to successful claimants of this guarantee will equate to a continuation of the package that the claimant was receiving for their business for which Spark SEO provided SEO services during the guarantee period. If a successful claimant has upgraded or downgraded their SEO package during the guarantee period, they will only be eligible to receive free SEO services that equate to the cheapest of the packages they had during the guarantee period.


  1. Check the Terms & Conditions of the guarantee to ensure the guarantee is applicable to you
  2. Leave a support ticket stating that you would like an Impact Guarantee audit and why you believe your website has not benefited from a positive impact.
  3. Spark will investigate and confirm the status of your claim. This may take up to 30 days.

31. Remuneration is offered in the form of free service only

32. If your claim is successful, Spark SEO will suspend your payments and otherwise continue working on your SEO for up to 6 months.

33. If Spark achieves positive impact sooner than 6 months you will be notified, and evidence will be provided. We will then cease free SEO services and resume paid SEO services.

34. Free SEO services can only be issued to existing customers. If you do not have an active Local Plus package at the time when your Impact Guarantee claim is awarded, your claim will be deemed null and void.

35. Spark will not accept any responsibility for lost, late, ineligible or incomplete claims. Incomplete or illegible claims will not be processed.

36. Spark reserves the right to terminate, amend or extend this offer at any time and without notice.

37. Spark does not warrant that any use or access to its website will be uninterrupted by error or virus free, nor shall it have any liability for damage that could be caused by hostile software.

38. Spark does not accept liability for any losses or claims arising out of this offer except in cases of personal injury or death resulting from its own negligence.

39. Personal data will be used by Spark SEO for the purposes of running validating claims.

40. For inquiries regarding this offer please submit a support ticket by logging into your account and visiting the support section within your client portal.

41. Spark’s decision is final and no subsequent correspondence will be entered into.

42. This promotion is governed by US law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Wyoming Courts.